Raining Petals

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Many Faces of Carter...at the fair!

In September we went to the Delta County Fair in Memphis! This was our 2nd year going and we always have lots of fun and sweat to death.
This year Carter was tall enough to ride ALL the kiddie rides ALONE...last year one of us had to ride with him. So, I was relieved that this year I didn't have to try and squeeze on all the rides. No joke...last year's pics at the fair are all of ME on kiddie rides because they make the adults sit on the outside. I eclipsed Carter. I could post those pics...and you could laugh your head off at my expense...but I'm not going to.

(I would have made Josh ride the rides but he gets motion sick faster than ...umm...trying to think of something clever...well fast...I was going to say faster than your aunt patty flaps her gums...but I don't know no aunt patty.)

The little girl above was so cute and instantly became Carter's buddy and took him on a few rides with her.
I wish I could do that now...just walk up to some random person...hook arms...and have the time of our lives without all the awkwardness and small talk that goes along with meeting someone new. Insta-Buddies...I am totally inventing this...so don't steal it...anyone who wants to participate will wear a button informing you that they are indeed up to being your instant best friend...no questions asked...just walk on up...take their hand...then go see that chic flick you have been wanting to go to, or take a trip to the spa together, and you can move right on to the juicy gossip and leave talk about the weather on the doorstep...brilliant I say...brilliant! oooh or you can redbox them...for only a dollar a night...I would ask my best friend to cook for me and then babysit while the hubby and I went out
...hmmmm...I guess it is not a buddy I am really looking for after all....oh my goodness it is late and I shouldn't "late type" it always gets me in trouble.

As you can gather from these pictures, it was hot outside. Case in point: Carter's rosy cheeks and sweat drenched hair. So we sought respite inside an air conditioned building we were sat...gone are the days of running from end to end of the fair from sun up to sundown...it is more like dragging ourselves from end to end...envying the people on motorized scooters and wishing the new mode of transportation for all people would be golf carts. What?

This moment of rest brought out Carter's many faces. Enjoy.

Isn't he great!


Kristin said...

You are so funny Laura!! I love Carter and his cute face! He is looking so grown up. ANd what the heck... Josh Potty trained Carter??? What a great Husband! And what a relief for you! Awesome! And I did get y our e-mail in case you are wondering. I started it only to find out later that night it was still open sitting on the computer with one sentence.... so I will be finishing it soon :)

Kristin said...

Oh and I am so on board with your idea about having an instant friend! Wouldn't that be awesome? Well, I guess so since you already said it. But I am game.

julie said...

Carter is very handsome.

Carter is also Josh.

Mathematically I guess Josh is very handsome. Don't get offended. You already knew anyway.

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

He has so many expressions! What a cutie!!

Katie and Dustin said...

What a cute kid Carter is. Someday he's going to have to marry my little girl -what do you think? I think it's a great idea - now let's just hope I have a girl someday eh. I need to call you. How have you been. I got your texts but then I started driving and couldn't do that and drive at the same time. How's Idaho? Hope you are great!! Tell your family hi for me!

Dixie said...

Carter looks like a little man! Love all his faces! He's very gifted:)

Bradbury Bunch said...

WHAT A STUD-MUFFIN! Love that boy, and hope to someday meet him in person!!