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Sunday, November 22, 2009

It has only been FOREVER

Hey Everybody!

After what has been an eternity I have updated over at Dollars for Diapers. I posted some ideas for getting out and giving this holiday season. If any of you have some fun traditions or experiences that you would like to share please visit me over there and leave it in the comments! and PLEASE DO SHARE!! I love to hear traditions and new ideas...so go! Yes...the post is long but is chalk full of ideas in case you need a little help or boost at what you and your family can do this year.

I have really been neglecting the blog for Dollars for Diapers but I have been working on it locally...so I have not abandoned it completely...just have not been good at updating. :)

And I did notice my button went all weird...I will work on getting that fixed. So thanks to all of you that have stuck with me and kept your buttons up and have supported me! It really means a lot. If any of you would like to donate there is a Pay Pal button on the blog and a 100% guarantee that your funds will go directly to a sweet little baby tushie;)


Us Bailey's said...

Thanks Laura-- I'll have to check it out!

Us Bailey's said...

Laura-- here is how the DVD machines work with ISU. We hive ISU a percentage of the sales after all expenses. I think its 10% up to a certain point and if it gets higher than that its 15%-- it just never gets there. The machines are called 24 Hour DVD Rentals. We buy them from V&L Tools. If you have more questions give me a call- we would love to answer them!!!

Anonymous said...
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