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Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break 2009

My parents and Jake flew down during their Spring Break to spend a week with us! I was also really excited when Casey decided to catch a flight as well. We had a full house and I loved it...despite what my dad might think when I was freaking out a bit about mud on my carpet:) It is all good.

I realized once I uploaded my pictures that I didn't take all but a handful!! I forgot my camera on most of the excursions...so I only have a few from the zoo...luckily my mom and Casey got a few more.

I will quickly recap some of the events that took place:

*First night crawfish boil...yum!
*lots of lounging
*A trip to Tunica...baby shopping at the outlets...visit to the Mississippi River
*Drove into Memphis to the infamous Beale Street for the infamous BBQ....which my family almost died and melted into the floor over. It was good.
*Memphis Zoo...I LOVE the zoo...this is a good one too...lots of fun!
*a trip to another BBQ place...this time not so good.
*boys doing some work on our property...thanks for your help!!
*My parents and Jake left
*Casey and I had a girls day...getting hair done and lunching...yummy sweet potato fries!
*Drove Casey to Nashville (flights are like 200-300 cheaper out of Nashville rather than Memphis...which just irks me!)
*After we saw Casey off we took Carter to the Adventure Science Museum...this is a really great place...we spent about 3 hours or so there and then headed home. That is why I have loved buying a year membership at the Children's Museum in Memphis because it gets you in to other museums all over the country...FUN!!
*It was just fun hanging out and being together in the same place.

Thanks for coming to visit me family!! I love you and can't wait to see you soon!!

Below are the few pics I got.

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