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Sunday, March 15, 2009

It is Carter Time!!

I decided to do the 25 random things post...but instead of me I want to do it about Carter...he is more interesting anyway. But first a funny comment I wanted to remember...

A couple of days ago I put Carter up on the changing table to change a terrible, just horrifying, stinky diaper. As he laid down he made a really silly face and rolled his eyes to the side of his head and said "awwwkwarrrd" It made me laugh so hard!

(nope not potty trained...I am waiting until June when he is 3...potty training is just not something I am passionate about...however...he does use the potty quite often on his own accord...so I think come June we will get it done quickly!)

1. Carter is 33 months...will turn 3 in only 3 months!!

2. Carter's hair grows ultra fast! He is almost always in need of a haircut. He did finally agree the other day to go for a haircut because his hair was getting in his eyes.

3. Carter is HILARIOUS!!! He makes Josh and me laugh all day. He makes the funniest faces and uses silly voices and silly nicknames all the time.
4. I am trying not to brag here but this kid can draw a crowd. Everywhere we go people coo and ooh and ahh at him and we always have random people coming up to us to talk to him and tell us how adorable he is.

5. Carter loves to play with his Legos and loves it even more when Josh joins him. Many minutes are spent on the floor surrounded by the timeless blocks as towers, houses, and animals are erected...often times I really have to use my imagination to see the "animal" that has been created.

6. Singing is a passion of Carter's. In fact as I am typing this he is singing "Old McDonald" and so far there has been a cow, cat, dog, and lots of extra eeieeiooo's on the farm. His favorite song is still
"B-I-N-G-O"...going strong for at least a year now!

7. Carter is quite the scaredy cat. Many, many things scare him...including Wall-E. This is really horrible of me as his mommy to do...but if he is being naughty and will not listen, we can tell him "Carter if you do not come here right now then we will get Wall-E to help you"...he immediately stops his naughty behavior and does what we say. Counterproductive on my part I know, I know...I am not going to win any parenting awards anytime soon. However, he is getting a grasp on these things that scare him and we are working it out...I do not think he will be scarred for life...let us pray.8. Another favorite toy is Play-Doh...the past week or so Carter plays with his Play-Doh every morning. His supplies now have a permanent spot on the kitchen table because he is playing with it so often.

He takes great pride in his creations and often asks me to take pictures of them. I just showed him the picture below and he said, "Oh my alligator"...so he remembers each creation fondly.

9. Carter loves "Jesus Time" which is how he refers to church and going to nursery. He looks forward to it every week.

10. Carter is very friendly! This makes me so happy because around 12 months he was a big bully and I was so worried...I am very thankful that stage passed. He will go up to any kid he sees and say "Hi, I'm Carter...who are you?" I also LOVE when he will point to me and say, "That is my mommy"...I am glad he claims me in public for the time being. But he will just go and start playing with any kid he sees like they have been friends their whole lives.

11. Carter knows his way around a computer. He has his own log in icon...it is a picture of himself. He will click on the icon, then he clicks on the FireFox icon, and then on his task bar he has a number of options that he chooses from...most often he will go to Noggin or PBSKids. He plays lots of games and most often picks ones where he can make music or learn his ABCs. He is going to be WAAAAYYYY ahead of me in a couple of years.

On this subject he is also pretty good at navigating our Blackberry Pearl where he will pull up Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Handy Manny...this comes in handy at appointments or boring places...he knows how to get to that application better than I do!

(Carter with Grandma Theresa. Taken at the hospital after my surgery)

12. Nothing trumps the chance to go outside...that is numero uno in Carter's world.

13. Carter could easily be kidnapped with the offer of candy. I have had to go to the surgeon's office every week since Jan.30th and he will go up to a nurse and grab her hand and say, "I want a sucker please." Carter is a candy-aholic. Definitely has a sweet tooth. He asks for candy the first thing upon waking up and the last thing before going to bed.

14. One day I was curious as to where Carter disappeared to and found him all the way in his closet. He made the face below when he realized I was taking pictures. That is classic Carter. I am very aware that ugly wallpaper lives in his closet as well as the fact that his items need some organizing.
15. According to genetics Carter should go bald sometime in his late 20's...that is why it is fair that he was born with and has a head full of hair.

16. Carter has brown hair and hazel/brown eyes...something I thought I would never be able to say a child of mine has. Looking at Josh and me, I just didn't think that combination was possible...so I am quite pleased with the unexpected.

17. Ask Carter what his favorite color is and he will tell you Orange. That is also his favorite flavor. Tonight he had a stack of cards with colored circles on them. He was going through the stack and passing them out to all the family...when he got to the Orange circle in the stack he tucked it under his chin for himself...I thought it was cute.
18. Carter enjoys watching movies...although he rarely sits through an entire show. Right now he says his favorite show is "Madagascar" and he followed that up by singing "I like to move it, move it."

19. Carter has a fantastic memory and can recall things from many months before. He also has very good recognition skills and pointing out items that match. For example, he was looking at the computer while I was doing something on it and saw an ad for Netflix...he then ran to the TV and picked up a Netflix envelope and said, "See Mom, we have it!"...he does this with EVERYTHING he recognizes...and of course I think he is brilliant.

20. He loves snuggles in the morning...and mostly those snuggles are with Josh...once in a while he will prefer me...but most often it is Josh...and I am very okay with that...I love that he loves his daddy.
21. A week or so ago Carter was leaving to go to the store with Daddy and he turned around and blew me a kiss and said, "Goodbye Sweetie!". At which point I melted and insisted he come back so I could wrap my arms around him and smooch him for being so sweet!

22. We have many Hispanic tenants that Josh often speaks to in Spanish. Carter now recognizes who is Hispanic and will get Josh and say, "Speak Spanish"...he will also see them walking down the street or when they come into my office and he will say, "Hola!!"...cracks me up.

23. Carter still ends up in bed with us almost every night. He just feels completely safe and secure in the middle...and that is okay with me too.

24. Carter loves to "work" with Dad...what little boy doesn't? He is always saying "I'n help...I'n work Daddy". He feels very important when he gets a tool in his hand.

25. Carter is very compassionate and concerned when someone is sad...he always inquires about what it wrong and what he can do to help. He will say, "You feel better Mom?"...if I say I hurt or don't feel good he will say..."I'll give you hugs"....then he will give me a hug and I tell him only his hugs make me feel better and he will giggle and smile...so now if I am in pain (stupid surgery) and he senses it he will say "You fell better Mom?"...and it has become a game where I always have to say no and then he will say, "but my hugs make you feel better"...and he is right!

I love my little man. He is our little buddy that tags along with us all day. He is vivacious and active and inquisitive and smart and outgoing. He adds so much life to our little family. He can definitely be a handful and keep us on our toes and at our wits end on a lot of days...but I am thankful we get to have this amazing child who has taught us so much already in his short little years and I know we will only continue to be in awe of who he is. We love you Carter Bug and we are so glad you are ours!


Casey Marie said...

Oooh I am so glad I am here to see little, sweet Carter. He is seriously hilarious! I miss him so much!

Good post. Lots of good memories for the future.

julie said...

He is growing so big! What a wonderful post and wonderful pictures. He is still the cutest sweetest kid!

Brandi said...

What a fun post! You definetly have a smarty pants! Holy moly he is talking so good. Miss you guys like crazy!

Brandi said...

oh and P.S. Chloee is waiting for Carter too ;) Hopefully they are okay with a prearranged marriage.

Calene said...

Such a cute post - print it out and tuck it in his baby book - so sweet, esp. from his mommy!

Shelby said...

I love the "awkward" story! He's such a little character!

Christine said...

He is too cute! I laughed and laughed!

Emily said...

This was fun to read. I laughed so hard at the "AWKWARD!" story. And I even told Dave about it. It was that funny. What a funny kid. I wouldn't expect him to be any different than cute, smart and funny, considering his folks.

Jason, Amanda, Brayden and Dillon said...

What a fun post!!! I think I'm with everyone else...the "awkward" story is classic!!! And I'm glad he's not potty trained yet....Brayden will only do it if he's at home and I was feeling like a failure...I honestly breathed a sigh of relief when I read that....so thanks! :)

Us Bailey's said...

Carter is too cute! My mom says that babies now take advanced electronics and computer classes -- when she couldn't figure something out when I was younger she would have my 4 year old little sister do it! Joels the same way -- he can do things I had no idea you could do - nor how to undo! And Wall-e scared me a little too!

millerandbrandi said...

What a cutie! He is so smiley, I love it! I think its time for you guys to have another :)

Bradbury Trio said...

This is the sweetest post ever! I still haven't meant Carter bug in person yet, but when I do...boy watch out! He's going to get lots of hugs and kisses from his long lost auntie Nickie!

P-S that cracked me up when you talked about Walle coming if he doesn't do what he's asked! Clever...and I'll have to find something Lexi doesn't like now! LOL :)

You're an AMAZING Mother Laura and that Carter Bug is so lucky to have such wonderful parents to love him up and sing Bingo too!!

Jennifer Dunn said...

That really is a nice post about Carter! He's adorable, and so bright! Love the photos, too.

Erik and Savannah said...

I found myself on your page and I have to tell you I LOVE the pictures of Carter asleep on the chair. Those are priceless.