Raining Petals

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Don't Know

I have blogger's block. I have come to write a post several times over the past weeks and I end up just pressing the red X in the top right hand corner and doing something else. I just haven't felt it...but I wanted to cover up my my last post because I was sick of it. Still...nothing to say.

So hmmm...I guess I will just tell my bed...out loud for all the world to hear (because we all know the world reads my blog) that I love it and I couldn't ask for more. It is soft and inviting and just brings me such joy. I can't thank my bed without thanking my pillows as well. I have the PERFECT pillow...one of which I am scared to lose. I went looking for a duplicate at the store the other day but no such luck. I am worried I will have to train my neck, shoulders, back, and cheeks to love a new pillow...so stay with me as long as you can pillow I have now. That is the one I lay on...but I also have one I hug. I have never known what to do with my hands and arms while sleeping...so I solved it by hugging a pillow...and I hug it all night. It is kind of a hassle when I switch positions...but I guess it is my "lovey" I have to have it. On top of those 2 pillows I also surround myself in kind of a "nest" or maybe "barricade" of about 5 other pillows...they are all very necessary and have their special duty...all of which makes for a very pleasurable night.

Where is Josh in this picture?...we usually feet cuddle...once in a while our feet will meet in the middle of the bed...say hello...and then go back to our respectable sides...that is what I love about a King size bed...you can totally disappear and then go visit your spouse when you want to.

Over the past month my bed and I have spent a lot of time together...waaaayy too much time...but I must say that she was a good companion and was patient with me through the hard times.

Last night as I snuggled into the cuddley-ness and just felt like I couldn't get any more comfortable the image of Africa popped into my head. It might be because that actress from Roseanne (the one that played her sister) has a commercial where she was asking me to adopt a child...well it must have gotten to me because I just thought how lucky I was to have my bed. I said a prayer right then for how comfortable I was. I thought of the people in 3rd world countries who go home to a wood shack and lay on the ground. During the day I bet they never say "Well, I am going to go relax and take a little nap"...and then snuggle into luxury. I just got caught up in how incredibly different my life is from theirs and how I take that for total granted...I am beyond incredibly blessed and I am so thankful for my life. I have everything I NEED and most everything I want...so spoiled...so lucky...so blessed...I hope I can remember this when I am boohooing about the bumps I experience along the way...I have it pretty easy...even when it seems hard.


millerandbrandi said...

Oh man, I hear ya! I have learned to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pillows this pregnancy. Wait let me back up a minute...I have always loved pillows...2 to be exact...and cold, that's the best! However, I love pillows all around me now...supporting my belly, cuddling with, laying on!

millerandbrandi said...

P.S. I hate watching any of those sad commercials...its just so depressing. I wish I had all the money in the world to send them. It makes me sick to see the way they are having to live, I hate it! And its even worse because they are children...I'm getting sad just typing this. I guess we just always have to count our many blessings...wow, we are soooo blessed!

Desarae said...

you are cute! haha africa made me laugh. And King size beds are the best- can sleep by myself (even if we have a little guest too). I love your blog even when you have nothing to blog about :)

julie said...

Your pillows need to get with my pillows and give them some lessons. We're having a hard time over here. I just bought another one for Brandon..hopefuly it will do the trick. Anyway, yes, good post. We are all so blessed. Amen.

Casey Marie said...

I always thought your bed was a boy.

I saw that same Africa commercial in Twin and had to change the channel because I was about to cry. So sad. Yet, there are a lot of good people out there trying to help so that's good too.

I have fallen for a pillow. It is a body pillow that fits between my knees and under my face at the same time. It has a lime green micro fiber pillow case that is so soft and snuggly. Then I have a regular pillow designed for side-sleepers. And I love plunging my head into that one. Then I have a thinner one that I nestle under my ribs and belly. I only recently started doing this because of the preggie back aches..but it is heaven...except I get all organized and settled and then I can't move. Poor Cody, our bed isn't a King size, so the pillows sometimes take over his side of the bed too. Or they end up taking over my side and I roll over into Cody's side. I don't think he has gotten a full nights sleep since we got married. hehe.

Lacy said...

Hi Laura! Totally funny that you wrote an entire post dedicated your bed and pillows. I loved this part "...you can totally dissaper and then go visit your spouse when you want to..."

munge said...

We do have a lot to be thankful for don't we. Even when our bumps seem hard, we are still very fortunate.

And, I love my bed too. :))

Bradbury Trio said...

OH Laura, thank you for the simple reminder of being grateful for the things we take for granted! I just woke up from a wonderful nights sleep, and I feel so good and refreshed! I love that you and Josh play footsies in the middle of the night and then go your seprate ways. Keep blogging...just because anything you say is entertaining! I still want to hear about Carter's popcorn kernal-there's something for your next post! LUV YA GIRL! Hope you're recovery is going speedy!!!