Raining Petals

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lincoln City, Indiana

Just a few miles down the road from Santa Claus, Indiana is Lincoln City, IN. Abraham Lincoln spent much of his childhood in this area and it was really neat to walk in the same places that he had. There is a national park there dedicated to him and his family. The first picture is of the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. I learned a lot of new things on the trip which makes the drive all worth it!

Below is a replica of the cabin that Abraham Lincoln's father Thomas built. The cool thing about this park is that it is a Living Historical Farm and from April to October is fully staffed with people dressing in period clothing and working the farm and doing activities. This would be a really fun to see...unfortunately we were there on off season...but it was still fun to look at and there were still chickens!

A Lake we stumbled across in the national park...really beautiful and serene.

This is a really neat, very old graveyard. Abraham Lincoln's sister Sarah is buried here. I learned that Lincoln was very close to and very fond of his sister and was greatly affected and mourned her loss for sometime. Sarah had taken care of Lincoln when their mother had passed away early on. I swear I took a picture of her grave but it is not on my camera:( However, I had some solemn moments standing in front of the grave where Lincoln himself spent many moments, many years ago. Not to be sappy...but it was really neat! Below is just a really old grave I took a picture of...I wish I knew the story behind it.

My attempt at "creative" photography and a classic "walking away" picture of Josh and Carter.
Carter was pretty grumpy while we were here and he did not love that I was taking his picture...he also demanded we carry him for the rest of the tour until we got back to the car. So spoiled.
This would be a neat place to go back to in late spring...early summer when activities start happening. We only saw one other family there. I would love to see the reenactments. It was really cool...and Mom I just kept thinking this would be a place you would love and wished you were here with me!


julie said...

ooh neat! I wish I could have come. Carter's face is still cute even angry. How was Santa Claus, IN?

Casey Marie said...

Wow, the older Carter gets the more he looks like you. Especially when he's grumpy. :)

I really like that picture you took of Josh and Carter and also the rest are super clear and really nice. Good job! That sounds like fun. I want to go!

K said...

Love the pictures---you've got a great eye for details, Laura!

Jennifer Dunn said...

Great photos!
Also just read your newest entry--you make me smile!

Lisa said...

You have such fun adventures! I love reading about your travels and seeing your pictures. And I agree - Carter is super cute whether he's grumpy or happy.