Raining Petals

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Whew! Posting a lot of pictures on blogger is seriously like the most intense thing in the world. There has to be an easier way!!

So this post is mainly for my brother Nate. He hasn't been back to our old town the longest and so while we there 2 weekends ago I tried to take a bunch of pictures that would bring back memories for him. These are for the rest of family to enjoy as well....for the rest of you these will mean absolutely nothing.

My parents moved their little family to Picayune, Mississippi when I was 1 year old. 1984. I loved going back and seeing all the things that brought back a rush of memories. It is weird to think this is where my parents were when they were right around Josh's and my age. Here I am in similar surrounding with a little guy of my own.

My memories of being little in Mississippi are very fond. I was a very happy little girl from what I can recall. I loved having my mom's family so close and really grew attached to them. It was hard to leave...we moved back to Idaho when I was 5 years old...the summer after Kindergarten.

So here ya go Nate!! Enjoy!! I sure miss you and I miss being little kids together! Even though we beat the crap out of each other you were my favorite! I wanted to do everything you did!


Liz said...

Well, best of luck not getting West Nile! Ick.

I agree. Putting pictures on Blogger is a ridiculous undertaking. It makes me want to take a nap.

Have I told you lately I love your blog? You always make me smile and I'm glad to be keeping up with you.

Us Bailey's said...

I agree about the pictures!!! Let mek now if there is an easier way! I love the pictures and how fun to go back and visit your old places. I love the pictures. Did you cry when you saw the shape of your old house? I think I would have!

John and Anna said...

Yeah! I'm glad to get back in touch with you. I love how festive your blog is. I haven't quite jumped on the Halloween train yet, I'm still stuck in just Fall colors. Oh, and I love teaching! I'm so glad you're going into it. Let me know if you need help with anything!

Bradbury Trio said...

There's nothing like memory lane! The church sign with two arrows pointing in opposite directions is still making me smile!