Raining Petals

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey from Nawlins!

We had a spur of the moment...quickly throw items into a bag and hit the road kind of day yesterday. We just got home from a small over-nighter to Tunica where we like to stay in the casino resorts and swim and shop at the outlets and all that good stuff. Get this...I got a 10.00 room!! AND it was a jacuzzi suite to boot!( I have pictures with my head poking out of a tub full of bubbles...reminiscent of a night 6 years ago...I may or may not post them...I haven't viewed them yet) The lady checking me in was just blown away and said she had never seen that rate before...I felt special. I owe it all to Al Gore...he did invent the Internet right?

As soon as we got home from that we turned around got back in the car and drove 6 hours t0 New Orleans. Josh volunteered his time to help with the Hurricane Relief Effort in Houma, LA...so I decided Carter and I would go along for the ride. I refused to stay home alone without my husband there to protect me. From what? Only my imagination knows.

I called the Marriott in Metairie, LA and asked them if they could give me a special rate because my husband was a saint and was helping hurricane victims (please note my sarcasm). The General Manager was basically a huge jerk the way he talked to me but he did give me a pretty low rate...about 50% off...I could forgive his attitude problem for that. I am also very happy with the room. Marriott is one of my favorite hotel chains...the beds are AWESOME...oh man I slept like a rock...it was one of those sleeps where I woke up in the exact same position I fell asleep in...ahhhhhh...lovely. They also decorate their rooms really nice and have excellent service (the front desk lady let Carter pick an item out of their market for FREE!...love FREE!) Well my whole point here is always ASK!! You almost always can talk people down in prices and not have to pay inflated rates...so ask...the worst that can happen is they say no...or say yes but treat you like scum...either way;)

So far Carter has destroyed the entire room, written all over his body with the complimentary pen that comes with the stationary, ordered himself 3 rounds of Disney on Demand...it costs 2.99 a cartoon (luckily I worked that out with the front desk as well to take off 2), threw all of my money behind the bed where I can't reach it, poured a glass of water out while trying to wash the lamp, confettied our room with the advertising brochures that companies leave in the lobby, made numerous phone calls, got onto the elevator before I could catch him and started screaming as soon as he realized he was alone (I was freaking out a little too...but luckily the lobby button is the "fun" one with the star next to it because that is the one he chose to push and it opened the door back up) and stunk up the entire room with his poop.

I am thinking of getting a new travel companion.

Josh just called and is on his way back THANK HEAVENS...I was about to go ccraaaaaazzy!! oh too late.

Now maybe we will venture out and see something (I was not about to go out car-less without Josh...so we are going bit stir crazy) Oh...and remind me to tell you how we almost died last night...I am still freaked out a bit!

Tomorrow we hit Biloxi, MS and meet up with my Grandma who will get to FINALLY meet Carter for the first time and see how fat I have gotten. I am excited to see her and show Josh my old stomping grounds.

I just had to blog a bit to put down some memories! Hope you are all well!! Pictures will come next!


Liz said...

Okay, PLEASE teach me how you got a $10 hotel room!

Emily said...

Hi Laura! I've been stalking your blog. I must commend you for getting a $10 hotel room. That's crazy. I wish I had the guts to even ask for a deal. I have this irrational fear of confrontation that prevents me from entering those kind of conversations.

Casey Marie said...

Oh man! That was some much needed comic relief.
And next time you get a good deal like that please let me in on it!

You almost died??

Nate, Des, Sydney, & Jack said...

yeah, we need to know how you got the $10 rate, then maybe we can be adventurous :) you are traveling a lot, really jealous- sometimes being a mom is hard, at home all day...ya know? Well good luck in traveling and don't almost die again!

Us Bailey's said...

Wow! Sounds like you are having quite the time! And good job getting such a cheap hotel room!!! I can't wait to see pictures!

Cassie said...

I was laughing out loud, good thing no one is around.

Leah said...

I am impressed! $10 please share. HOpe that you have a great trip!

Lara said...

SO jealous! That sounds mauvalous. And may I ask what Notes From The Underbelly is about??

munge said...


I love your scary Halloween background. Cool!

Dixie said...

I'm so jealous that you're in the dirty south right now and I'm not! How fun!! I miss the south:(
Funny thing is I'll be there in about two weeks. My fam is having a reunion! Woot!
Carter is a busy little man eh? Holy moly! I would have gone insane too.

katie said...

hey looks like you have had quite a road trip looks fun-i love your Halloween page it is sooo fun and sppppppppppppoooooky i love it you are so creative talk to ya soon love ya katie