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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Missionary Hello

This evening we were privileged to host dinner for the missionaries. I love these guys! They are seriously awesome and I am so happy they are here right now. I am especially excited about the sisters because when we arrived in Mississippi we found out that we did not have missionaries assigned to our town. When I heard that my heart sank. However, a couple of weeks ago our town got missionaries...and better yet sister missionaries...which is a very first for our town and our ward for a matter of fact! Our ward has never had sister missionaries! It is quite a change coming from a place where there are LDS people everywhere to being just a few of a small handful in our town. I still can't express my excitement when I found out we had missionaries!! Needless to say, being one of the only member families in town, we get to see a lot of these guys and I love to have them in my home!!

I brought up "blogging" because evidently blogging has become part of my personality;) Sister Costley and Elder Ballard both have relatives who blog...so this post is for them. I want their family to know that they have amazing missionaries out in the field right now! They are all doing so well. They are happy, healthy, and engrossed in the work. They are truly a delight! I have the utmost respect and admiration for these 4 people!....and Carter simply adores them and seems to cling to Elder Bird whenever he is around.

Sister Page, Sister Costley, Elder Bird, Elder Ballard

So...to those of you who might know one of these 4...send them a message and I will pass it along!
I always assume that most of my readers are LDS or know of the LDS faith because those are the only ones who comment....but if you are wondering about missionaries and what they do and what we believe please visit lds.org. Thank you and goodnight.


Liz said...

THAT'S how you get the updates on the blog itself! Laura, I love you. I couldn't figure that out for the life of me. Blogroll! Of course. (Smacks forehead.)
We hosted the missionaries a lot in N.C. One who stayed in our area for a long time was a vegetarian, which made cooking for them interesting as I put meat or chicken or pork in everything. It was always such a sweet experience, though.

Leah said...

Carter is such a cutie! I hope you guys are doing well. We miss you so much. But it looks like life is great for you!

Brandon said...

Carter is adorable. That's crazy you've never had sister missionaries before! So different from here, which I think I is great! I need to experience something different!

Brandon said...

haha, I'm on Brandon's laptop..I just noticed it said his name instead of mine..so he is me. :)

Casey Marie said...

Oh yay! Congratulations little town!
And Carter is so cute, like a little monkey. :)

Rachel and Gavin said...

Hi There,
This is Ashleys sis-in-law. This is pretty cool that you have a blog and we're able to see some pics and get updates of our sweet Ashley. She is an AMAZING girl, we love her so much. We know she'll be an awesome missionary and are so proud of her. She has such a strong testimony and sweet personality, we know she'll do great out there. That is really cool that she has memebers like you, that really care. You seem so cute and very friendly. You have a very cute little boy too, I love the name Carter. Well thanks for the update and pics, KIT!!

Rachel and Gavin said...

Oh tell Sis. Costley "hi" for us! And we love her!

de-la said...

So good to hear that Nick is doing great. Sounds like he is getting the royal treatment! Tell him that we all miss him very much but are proud that he is serving right now. Also tell him that we love him very much and things haven't changed.
Matt is still single and hanging out with Brody. Jen still dances all the time and fights with Matt constantyly (so I hear), and Blake and Barbara are doing great.
Please pass this along, thanks so much!

Rachel and Gavin said...

Thanks for posting pics of Sis Costley and Sis Page. This is the first time I've seen Sis. Costley's companion. They look glowingly beautiful. That is the gospel for you. Tell them we love them and pray for them both every day all day. Ash's mom

Kathy said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! And thanks for taking care of Sister Page, my daughter. She loves it there! Tell her hi for us! And if you see her soon, tell her we took Josh, her brother, to the MTC today and all is well. - Sis. Page's mom