Raining Petals

Monday, July 28, 2008


So I decided to try my hand at Ebay and see if I can make a profit on some items. I am not expecting anything big...but just thought I would try. It seriously took me like 3 hours to post just 2 auctions...I have 2 more auctions to post but I am about fried now.

My presentation needs some work. If any of you are pros at Ebay and look at my auctions then give me some tips if you have them!

So anyway...I have 2 sets of girls clothing for sale right now. One set is all 24 months and the other set is 3T. They are super cute clothes and all from The Children's Place or Old Navy. I know many of you have little girls so I thought I would throw this out there that I have super cute, brand new clothes, with tags still on -for sale! In a couple days I will have little boy clothes put up as well. (thought I am tempted to keep them all...that is the last thing Carter needs though)

270260189993 is the item number for the 3T clothing
270260159752 is the item number for the 24 month clothing.

So check them out! Bidding started at .99 and if you read this and bid I will give you Free Shipping! I just put them up and they will be there for 5 days.

So yeah. I hope someone bids on them and that I get AT LEAST what I paid for them. Anyways...thanks for looking!


Shelby said...

Cute, cute clothes! I wish they were 4T so I could buy them for Reese to wear this fall!

Casey Marie said...

If you wanted to get what you paid for them then why didn't you start the bidding at that price? Anywho, ebay confuses me. I bought some things off there once, neat things that you can't find in the store. IT was fun. I have no clue how to post things though. So good luck! :)

The Van Noys said...

Well Casey...it said that if you start bidding low...then more people are willing to bid...so that is why I started them low. I probably won't get any bids up until the last hours before it expires...but I don't know how it all works either.

smash said...

Laura - I need your address. Please email it to me ashpatty@gmail.com

Jennifer Dunn said...

I thought the display looked great, and you included lots of details and extra photos which are always appreciated when I do my shopping. I hope you aren't too disappointed in the winning bid.