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Friday, June 6, 2008

May 10th, 2008

On the weekend of Mother's Day we spent our last weekend (for a while) in Twin Falls. We had a family party in Vista Bonita park and enjoyed each other's company and BBQ'd. I had meant it to be a birthday party for Carter, but the word didn't get passed around as such. So Julie and Carrie came to the "birthday party" while everyone else just came for the food;)

Here are the delicious cupcakes I made.
Lemon with Strawberries or Chocolate with Oreo. Yum!

Meet Bobo. Poor guy got beat to death:( I guess you shouldn't hang around other people's parties dressed in flamboyant attire and filled with candy. It attracts the kiddies.

Who knew Bobo's insides were so sweet and tasty!

Carter and Ethan (Julie's son) practicing their assault with a deadly weapon.
Such nice little boys;)

Carter giving Bobo repeated whacks. Bobo was a tough little guy, he wasn't going to break this early on in the game.

Halle needed in on some action! The 3 of these little terrors were still no match for Bobo. We had to bring in the big guns. Jake ,my 14 year old bro, ended up getting Bobo to surrender and give us what we all came for...go Jake!

Josh and I both agreed we didn't feel comfortable getting a pinata that resembled a human. We were opting for a soccer ball or car shaped pinata. But in the end it all came down to economics. Bobo was 3.oo cheaper than all the rest. I guess we need to reevaluate where our priorities stand;)

Halle and Carter. They are best buds and play so nice together. They are also very good at fighting over one toy when there are dozens upon dozens of other toys to choose from.
Casey and Cody enjoying one of my delicacies. For some reason these were the only other people I got a picture of. I swear there we more people there!!

We had a fun going away weekend and enjoyed seeing a lot of our family and friends before hitting the road. Julie and Carrie and Katie all came as well as numerous family members. Megan, my rockin' sister in law, brought a snow cone machine...which all know how much fun that is!! Thanks Meg! My Dad ran the grill and everyone else brought dishes to share! We love you all and appreciate everyone who came to see us off!

**special thanks to Carrie, Julie and Great-Grandma and Grandpa Van Noy who brought Carter birthday gifts. He loved each and every one!**


Casey Marie said...

Oh man my husband is hot!

Can you please ship Carter to me. I will babysit him for free :)

Casey Marie said...

Also, in case people are wondering, I had food in my mouth when that picture was taken....

Lara said...

Happy Birthday cute man!!!
Oh, and PUHLEEEEEZE send one of those cupcakes my way!!