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Friday, March 7, 2008

Like a Piece of Clothing...Tagged

Lara, I am honored to accept your tag...and if it wasn't me you tagged let's just keep it hush hush...don't want to feel silly now do I!

Ten years ago...
hhhmmm...I would be 15. If my memory serves me well then I am deeply involved in the production of "The Music Man" put on by Dilettantes in Twin Falls. I am almost always with Julie in my spare time. I had my very first introduction to Josh at play practice. I got hovered on. I am in the 9th grade at Robert Stuart Junior High...one of the best and worst years of my life...too many weird things happened that year...but I also had so much fun with Julie and our plays, boy adventures, and crazy antics...some of my all-time favorite memories!

Five things I did today...
1. Sorted through and packed boxes...threw out a lot of junk....still way more to go!!
2. Went to my Middle Eastern Civ. class for the first time in over a month!!ha!
3. Took Carter out to dinner and then came home and danced
4. Worked at our apartments inputting rent and doing a lot of paper work.
5. Watched a creepy Dateline about a psycho man who kidnapped a girl and kept her in an underground bunker that he lived in out in the woods. (I should never watch Dateline...it only creeps me out and makes me worried)

What would I do if I became a millionaire?
(now for my ambitions I would have to be a millionaire a hundred times over) If I only had 1 million I would pay off debt and then invest the rest...keep living like nothing has happened until we securely lived off the interest and then could start helping others.

For unlimited millions... Start some of the business ventures I am dying to try. Sell my parents house and let them build a dream home, oh yeah...pay off all debt(student loans...blah!) Start my charity...I have a name and a plan but it is under wraps.;) I would definitely share with my family and friends! I would take everyone on a vacation and just relax!! I would want to start "Laura's Big Give"...I just don't want the fame Oprah has( but the publicity is nice because it gets others involved)...but would like to be able to do what she does. I am working on it!!! If I don't change lives then the money wouldn't be worth it!....am I thinking about this too much??

Five jobs I've had...

1. Receptionist for Precision Vinyl
2. Mrs. Powell's Cinnamon rolls (I gave away so many goodies that new "friends" came out of the woodwork). Let's just say I was worshiped at Buhl Middle School for keeping the teacher's lounge continuously stalked with gooey goodness. They mourned the day I quit.
3. Activity Assistant at Heritage Retirement Center...and a dang good one if you ask me...but I could never live up to the reputation Josh had around there.
4. Substitute Teacher and Tutor
5. Property Manager (my favorite...love the schedule and freedom!!!)

Snacks that I enjoy...(the question should be what snack do I NOT enjoy!)

1. Chili's Chips and Salsa ( I agree Lara!) and queso dip... YU-Ummmm
2. I love french fries...they are my best friend and worst enemy
3. Grapes...cold in the refrigerator and little clementines...cold as well
4. Chocolate chips cookies...with milk...
5. I usually don't really snack unless everyone else is. I usually just have a meal and be done with it. So I don't really know what my favorite snack is, because snacks are small nibbles...when I eat it is usually a meal...see what I am saying?

Places I've lived...

1. Ozona, Mississippi...guaranteed you don't know where this is! Casey you don't count.
2. Twin Falls
3. Santa Clara, UT
4. Orem & Provo
5. Rexburg, ID (one of the funnest years of my LIFE!!)

Now I tag both Nickie and Annie and Cheri and anyone else who wants to do this.


Cheri said...

Oh yay!!! My first tag! I'l probably have to get to that next week, I've got a crazy weekend ahead of me.
Why are you boxing things up?

Bradbury Trio said...

Oh my Laurita! I really enjoyed reading this about you...especially what you would do with a million dollars---I can see you becoming the next Oprah actually! Except you are a lot more fun than she, you're one of the most funnest people EVER!!! Thannks for the tag! I'll do it next week for sure!!! :)

P-S You also have me craving cinnabons!!! Mmmmmmmmm

Jill said...

Laura, it is great to hear from you! You look great. Can you believe how much has changed from High School...your son is so handsome!

Lisa said...

Was this Heritage Retirement Center in American Fork? Cause I worked there too!

Tim and Laura Allen said...

gosh i haven't been on your blog in a while...or mine for that matter. I love the pictures of Carter, especially the one of him on the lap top. He looks like such a little man. Are you guys moving again?

Lara said...

OF COURSE I MEANT YOU! And I loved reading these!

"I should never watch Dateline...it only creeps me out and makes me worried"... AmenAmenAmen... but I still do it anyway. Like a car wreck!

And I have been watching the Big Give, too. I'm glad she's using her fame for something good.. I used to not think so highly of her, but I shouldn't say that should I?

Oh and dang you for making me foam at the mouth (Cinnabon) and get Jax's head all wet!

julie said...

haha, oh those messed up 9th grade days. What would I do without you? You were my first friend..I was the loser where everybody threw stuff at me before that...haha..ok, but really, I couldn't have survived without you!

And I think I took that exact Mid Eastern class...ugh! I don't think I learned a single thing. WAY over my head, and WAY boring...good luck!