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Monday, March 3, 2008

And Now a Word on Carter

(When I say "smile" or "Say Cheese" he either gives me this look or closes his eyes.)

Carter seems to moving and growing in a whirlwind around me. All of the sudden he is talking and saying words I never even knew he has heard and doing all sorts of things and totally catching me off guard. All of the sudden my baby is such a little boy! He just roams around doing his own thing, singing and bouncing around, playing and destroying...and once in a while will come to me with a need. I am fascinated by "his" world. How he does things and perceives things. He is one smart little cookie and is determined to experience everything!

(Carter knows he is not supposed to touch the laptop without parental consent. However, when I walked into the living room and found him like this I couldn't help but laugh and take a pic. It just goes to show how great of examples we are!)

Over this weekend we were at my parent's house and he knows who everyone is and says all of the family's names. He likes to remind how smart he is about 20 times a day as he all of the sudden spouts off roll call while pointing to each person. Each time my heart just swells with pride;)

(Carter loves his daddy. They are buds. When Josh fell asleep on the floor Carter snuggled right up next to him and went to sleep too! It was actually really cute to watch. At first Carter snuggled right into Josh's armpit and just laid there for a while and I watched his eyes get heavy and finally he dosed off.)

For my own records I just want to recall some of the things he is saying as of late.

me: "Carter are you all done with your food?"
Carter: "No, I am not all done"...as he smashes all his food into smithereens and proceeds to chuck it all over the kitchen.

me: "Carter are you ready to get out of the bathtub?"
Carter: "No, I am not ready" ....as he stands up and turns some more water on and then cannon balls back in to the water. (he scares me so bad..I am afraid he is going to crack his head open!)

"Garbage"...as he was handing me a piece of paper and looking for a receptacle while we were at an appointment today. That one surprised me. I have never heard him say garbage before and he said it loud and clear.

(Just hanging out with mom and dad. Hhhhmmm...why does Carter always want to get on the laptop?)

Yesterday while traveling back from Twin Falls the window was foggy and Josh asked me for some cloth or something to wipe the window down. I couldn't find anything so I put a lot of slack into my jacket and leaned over so Josh could use my sleeve to wipe the window. All of the sudden from the back seat we hear "JOSH...stop it!" I guess he didn't think Josh was exhibiting appropriate behavior. When Carter is admonishing Josh he always calls him by his first name instead of saying Daddy. I think it is funny every time!

One morning Josh and I were still in bed trying to wake up...of course Carter was already up wondering around ready for the daily adventures. Carter had no warm-up time...he goes from dead asleep to wide awake in a blink of an eye. Josh on the other hand take a lot longer to great the morning...correction...Josh maybe 5 or 10 minutes...I on the other hand...maybe 30 minutes I am good...but give me an hour and I should be great.
......ANYways...we were just lazing in bed still and then we hear this loud growl...Carter was trying to put as much fierceness in it as he could. We both look up and there he is with one of my toe socks on his hand...with the little toes dangling and he was thrusting at us growling. We both got a kick out of that. Funny what he found and thought would scare us! ha! silly boy!

(Carter LOVES stickers and loves to cover himself in them. I was playing with him in this picture and having fun with stickers. You can also see my toe sock on his arm...it is fierce!)

While at my parent's house there was a usually a game of Guitar Hero going on. Carter always wanted to be part of the action. He would get a guitar and sit and watch the screen and press buttons and strum....at the end of each song he would yell "WooooooHooooooo!"...and sometimes add in a clap for more enthusiasm.

Once he was carrying around a picture of the whole family...one he likes to point and name everyone in...and he was messing with it too much and the glass came out of the frame. He said "Uh oh...it broked" and he handed it too me and said "Happened? Broke?"

He also has been so good at saying "Please" and "Thank You" for over a year now...but now he will say "Thank You...Welcome" altogether...so he does your job for you!

He is just growing leaps and bounds. He says a ton of words and has really gotten good at saying phrases! He loves loves loves to JUMP and dance and do anything active!! We are going to start a Mommy and Me gymnastic class this week and I am so excited!! I hope he has a blast!

He has is really good about matching the pitch of songs and sings all of the time. He can sing his ABC's (though some letters still are muttled) and he loves to sing to his Fisher Price tapes while we are in the car. I often hear him counting as he is stacking things or doing other activities...and of course, once again I swell with pride!!

(Here is Carter with his cousins. These are Josh's oldest brother Aaron's kids. Benjamin, Steel, Coral, and Anna. Carter had so much fun when they drove up from Utah to play!! Look at the big grin on his face!)

He is stubborn and will be purposely defiant but he is also so sweet and quick to apologize and give a hug. We play the squeezing game where we give big hugs and say "squeeeeeeeze"..."squeeeeeeeeeze" and he will match my pitch. After showing him the lunar eclipse we made up a little song it goes... "Night Night Moon" Night Night Moon" and then we will hold "Mooooooooon" out really long and he will match my pitch. I like playing those games with him.
(My little man sleeping in the recliner. He takes after his daddy! He has the sweetest little face and I just love to look at him while he is sleeping. I just look at him and cannot believe how perfect he is to me!)

Of course this is a really long post and I could go on for days. He is the love of my life and makes my world go 'round. Josh and I get such a kick out of him and even when Carter is not with us we can't help but talk about all of the funny things he does. He is at such a fun stage right now and I am having so much fun with him!! He will be 21 months on the 6th! I can't wait for our next discoveries as I relish the memories he has already given me. I love you Carter bug!!


julie said...

Carter is the cutest thing! I love that picture where he fell asleep by Josh-super cute. You have got some great pictures of him!

Cheri said...

I like long posts. You'll love to have all these little memories when Carter is older. I hate when I forget about stuff so I write down things like this in their baby books. I love to go look throught them and see how they have developed. I even have lists of all teh words they can say at different ages. Love it! The picture of Him and Josh asleep on the floor together is adorable. I don't see how people can fall asleep like that, I have never ever been able to fall asleep anywhere but my bed. Did you know I had horrible insomnia during most of high school? Seriously, it was torture, so I'm a huge sleeper now believe it or not, but I still can only fall asleep in my own bed after a lot of mental relaxation.

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

He is so Cute! I love his smile! I actually have some really cute pictures from Casey's shower that I should send to you! IN one of them carter is doing the Cheese face! He is so funny! That is really crazy how fast they learn to talk. And they just start saying new words. All Michael will say is "Yes" TO EVERYTHING! It is really cute. That is so funny that he was trying to scare you! I love it!

Ashley said...

I can't believe that you have a kid so old that I havent even ever seen :( so sad. I hate getting old and anti social. My favorite was definatley of the stickers and the sock on the arm...he's looking at you like "what are you looking at mom?"

Liz said...

You get the gold star today for journaling. That's what you'll really want to have later on down the road. A-plus!

Lisa said...

I love the laptop picture! He looks like he knows exactly what he's doing.

Katie said...

Laura! I remember you from Tenth Ward in TF when we were little! I was Nate's age. I saw you on Emily's blog. I married her husband's oldest brother eight years ago. Your little guy is darling! It's good to be able to catch up with you. You can see my sister Kari's blog on my links (She's probably listed under Kiki---that's what my kids call her.) Anyway, tell your family hi for me!

Shelby said...

It's so much fun to write down all of the crazy things that they do as they're growing up! He's such a cutie!

BowChickaBowWow said...

Can I hug him?

Ashley -cutestblogontheblock said...

Hello, thank you for your compliment on my website. :)


Bradbury Trio said...

Carter is still as cute as ever! (of course!) And I enjoyed reading all about his daily adventures and his growing vocabulary---sometimes I wish we could press the pause button in life and just enjoy the small precious moments for a little longer!! Carter is a lucky boy to also have such a wonderful mommy!!

Casey Marie said...

Holy smokes! haha, I haven't stopped giggling since I clicked on the link to your page and up popped that picture of Carter in his high chair. I haven't ever seen him smile like that and it is hilarious!! hehe..hehehe...hehe. Oh man, I can't wait til Cody gets up and I can show it to him!!

millerandbrandi said...

So cute Laura...kids do the craziest things don't they??? I swear I spend half of my day just laughing at Kaiden and Kennedy...I LOVE IT! Carter is adorable...he's getting big! I think you better get started on another :)

Katy said...

Carter and Lucy would get along well.I love that he calls his dad 'josh' when he is reprimanding him. I didn't know Lucy knew our names and then all the sudden the other day she pointed at me and said "ka-ey" and at Ty and said "ty-er". We laughed so hard. Kids are the best. Sometimes I try to remember what I did before we had Lucy. I must have been so bored! (And put together, and well slept and better exercised) Just kidding, I would never have it any other way.

Nate, Des Sydney & Jack said...

I use to have a red couch...seeing yours makes me miss it! Random I know. anyway- back to Carter, I love the cheese face! They just don't seem to get that cheese means smile- or I guess who ever thought that by saying cheeese you actually look like you are smiling? He;s cute!

Ashley said...

Dave was making fun of me for posting the "nick name" post, so I took it off :( Thanks for your comment though!

Us Bailey's said...

He's adorable! I think that they grow up a little too fast and Joel is just barely 3 months! (well he is in 6-9 month clothes on most occasions so I guess he is growing up fast! Good luck!

Us Bailey's said...

He's adorable! I think that they grow up a little too fast and Joel is just barely 3 months! (well he is in 6-9 month clothes on most occasions so I guess he is growing up fast! Good luck!