Raining Petals

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Few Thoughts

After reading some other blogs I found out that there are different companies that will take your blog and make a book out of it! Genius! Now I want to blog a lot more(I know...you are thinking...can she possibly write even more?!?!) Yes I can and will. I have never been good at writing in my journal...but blogging online is something I can definitely do and I think it is important to record different moments, thoughts, and feelings I experience in my life...and it wasn't just my idea...we are told to do this for our posterity and also so we can look back and find strength and comfort in what we have experienced and how far we have come. So I am happy for that and that all this typing won't fall away into oblivion.

Today church was so good. To be honest it has been amazing every week since Carter has started nursery. I love being able to actually listen and participate in class. A running theme I have been hearing lately from conferences, talks, and ward meetings is the importance of including. A lot of times when I am talking to people who are not LDS the same sentiment is expressed...they feel left-out, not included, or intentionally passed over for being a different faith. Some of that I think people make up on their own just because they feel different...but I know other times it is totally warranted. Even within the wards, clicks can form and people just get comfortable where they are at and forget to open up and be including to all around them. I know that 99.9% of the time it is not intentional...just an oversight. I know my problem sometimes is I don't open up to others because I think they don't want to talk to me or I don't want them to think I am weird or make things awkward for just talking to them without them knowing me. But how else do you get to know someone?!?! So that is silly on my part. I think the main thing is people are so self consumed, there is always a lot going on in everyone's individual lives that we don't make time to think of others. So that is my goal. To try and open up and be more warm and welcoming. After all...what we take with us when we leave is our knowledge and our relationships. So there is that...I just wanted to remember all the talks I have heard recently about this subject.

In other news...I am singing praises to the Heavens!!! The past couple of months Carter would only sleep in our bed and he would only fall asleep if I would lay there with him. However, the past couple of nights he has decided it is okay to go to sleep in his own bed and he will fall asleep on his own! Hallelujah, Hallelujah! ...I liked having him in the middle to snuggle with but he started to take over the bed and kick me over to the very edge and he would wake up so many times during the night and whine and whimper a bit and it was starting to drive us crazy! ...he would fall right back asleep but left us wide-eyed but not so bushy tailed. Now Josh and I can get more snuggle time in!;) So let's just hope it stays this way!

I have more to write...but I will stop to give the eyes a rest. I need to take some more pictures and post some. I have a billion of Carter's first 6 months but the numbers are getting smaller and smaller lately...I need to do something about that.

Oh and just in case people are confused...(I know many are) this is how you spell "Congratulations"...not "conGRADulations. If you like to spell it this way...fine by me...but just in case you want to know the correct spelling...there it is!

Hope you are all well!!


Natalie said...

Fun blog, you put a lot into it and your family is adorable. Clearly you love being the mom - thanks for visiting mine recently and leaving a comment. It was neat to track you back here and peruse (I love that word) your web-journal! Have a great week.

Lisa said...

Laura, what are some of the companies that do blog books? I've been looking into using Typepad, but I'd like to check out some other options. Thanks!

Katy said...

Companies that publish blogs? I MUST KNOW MORE... please email details ASAP. ANd I am glad you put a picture of yourself on your blog. I think I had forgotten what you looked like! :)