Raining Petals

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gumbo, Guitars, and Gut-Busting


I really cannot believe it is 2008!! I really do not like the way time passes as I get older. When I was a kid a day would last 24 hours...and feel like it. Now they are just a blur and I get up in the morning just in time to go right back to bed...that is what it feels like a lot of times!

Anyways...after a not being able to celebrate on Christmas and Christmas Eve I was feeling left out and in need of some serious game playing and and the buffet of finger food that accompanies it. So we decided to head to Twin to welcome the New Year with my family.

To start things off I stayed a night with Julie...we got some serious girl talk in...indeed we did staying up 'til 4:00 in the morning just to make sure we didn't miss anything. That is not an easy thing to do anymore...as mommies sleep is precious...however so is our friendship and I am glad that is a sacrifice Julie was willing to make! The next day Carrie came over for a visit which was the cherry on top of it all! I never see Carrie...only about once a year at this time. It was so good to see her even for a short time and see Maxon as he has grown so much since last Christmas. Carrie took a pic of Carter and Max which I hope turned out so we can compare this year with last.

Then on New Years Eve my family all congregated to the parent's house for Gumbo. Gumbo is a southern, Cajun style stew/soup if you will. My mom usually makes it every Christmas Eve...but since we all know how well that went this year she decided to make it New Year's Eve instead. That kicked off the evening.

Then Megan and Nate were kind enough to share their Christmas present with us all. PlayStation 2 and Guitar Hero! We are all addicts and played that for hours on end. I was able to advance to Medium in just a few songs (go me!) My mom came in a picked up a guitar and caught right on and totally rocked out!(this is now on the top of her birthday wish list) My dad on the other hand has been the snail of the bunch but he will get it! I can't wait until my mom gets her system! I think it is hilarious to think of my mom and dad spending evenings in the den rocking out! Nate, Megan, and Jake can all play pretty well on the Hard level. Megan, however, is the one to beat. My only regret is that she can practice daily while I will have to settle for getting better in my dreams! Oh...and we didn't get any pictures!Dang git!

The rest of the evening between spurts of getting our fix of the guitar was filled with games and laughter. That is the "gut-busting" part of the evening. I love getting together with m y family and just laughing.

It was a really fun couple of days and I am glad we were able to get away for a little bit and hang out and laugh.

Now I am going to sit down a write myself some resolutions for the year and pray that I can keep them!

May 2008 be filled with much love and laughter!!


julie said...

I want to play the guitar game! I've never even heard of it..but it sounds like fun! And talking til 4 wasn't even a sacrifice..I needed it..and loved it! (ahhh! Fade in "Full House" type music...)

The Whipples said...

A stalker...... I'm flattered!!!! I will also admit that I have peaked at your blog a time or two also. I hope you guys are doing great. Where are you going to school?
P.S. Your little boy is way cute!!!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...


Fun!! I wish I was in on the party! Ok I am the first one to admit that having the flu...and having it on Christmas is the worst thing!!! I hate the flu! I use to have a phobia...maybe you remember! :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURITA!! I'm so happy you had a wonderful New Years to make up for Christmas!! THe guitar game sounds awesome...maybe I'll add it on my birthday list too! :) Have a SUPER GREAT BIRTHDAY!!AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!! Love you lots!!

P-S I hear you about getting up just to get ready to go to bed again...where does the time go??

The Van Noys said...

Thanks for the birthday wish Nickita!! That is so nice of you to remember! I love you!