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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Really Good Weekend (another novel by Laura)

If you look close you will notice that only half of the tree had ornaments. Carter just does not have the self-control yet to resist such temptations. He broke a couple of ornaments before I finally moved them all up out of reach.
Family hanging out during our get together.
Grandma gave Halle her first doll house.
Grandma(my mom) and Halle Bean. One of the sweetest, smartest, most wonderful 2 year olds I know! Look at her sweet little face!

This is what happens when I say "Show me your teeth!"
My brothers! I took 5 or 6 pictures and Jake looks like this or worse in every one! Love him.
(Cody, Jake, Nathan)

I am sitting here late Sunday night feeling very cozy next to the Christmas Tree. What is fun about our sofa set is that it is red...so right now the whole living room just fits the Christmas Scheme. I am feeling in the Spirit...we had carolers come by our house tonight which was so much fun and then some goodies brought to us. I put Carter to bed and decided I had some time to blog about the great weekend we had. So here I am, laptop in the proper position, Christmas music playing softly...let's begin.

First of all...huge relief and weight lifted off our shoulders as Finals Week came to an end. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah HAL LE LU JAH!!!(sing it right people!) So far I have 2 A's for both of my education classes and a C+ in Math. In all other times of my life I would have been appalled to see a C+ on my report card...but at this time in my life that C+ stand for...ummmm.... "Cheerful"(any other suggestions?) Math and I do not get along and this class was all on computers and there were people in my class taking it for the 3rd and 4th times...so I am thrilled to have passed! Now I am just waiting to for grades to post from 2 other courses.

On Thursday Josh and I were just hanging out and talking away (I love our conversations and we often make jokes of how weird we would seem if someone happened to be eavesdropping on us...we are quite hilarious but I must admit I would be a little embarrassed for someone to hear us...we say weird things and use weird voices and have a little language of our own...like I said...weird..)Anyways...I just decided right then and there that I was sick of my hair and that I was going to cut it off. So, right then in an act of spontaneity I picked up the phone book, flipped through the Yellow Pages, and decided on JC Penney Salon (we live just a couple blocks away from the mall so I wouldn't have to go far and in the past my experience with Pennies has been pleasant) It was set...10:00 on Friday.

So, on Friday we wake up and have a relaxed morning for the first time in months. Carter and I slept in until 9:00...which was so wonderful because Carter almost always wakes up at 7:00. We all got ready and headed to the mall. I went into the salon for my haircut and Josh and Carter went mall walking. I originally thought I was just going to trim my hair up and try a style with my long lock...however, I am not talented when it comes to hair and I knew if they styled it for me that day, then that would be the ONLY day it would look cute. Not only that but I have fine hair which doesn't allow to pull off a lot of the hairstyles I want to. So...we looked through some books and every cut I liked all pointed to the same basic thing...Short with Layers.

After combing my hair out the stylist was like "Wow let me measure because I think you have enough to donate" My heart leaped (excuse the cheesiness of my word choices) This was an added bonus! I was so happy at thought of being able to give away my gorgeous, curly, silky locks to someone who needed them ...hahahahaha...okay I kind of feel sorry for whoever gets my hair because it is so hard to manage...but maybe in the process they fix it so it doesn't have to be managed.

So, she measured and sure enough I had plenty to give away! I was so excited! My stylist braided my hair into 2 braids and then cut them off. I think the braids are only 10 inches long. Altogether I cut off about 13 inches. So, my hair didn't beat any records but it was a lot longer than I had realized. As soon as she cut the braids off though my head felt like it just unloaded a couple of pounds...so yay for my head for having a successful weight loss weekend...maybe the rest of my body can learn a thing or two from my smart, diligent, charitable head. Anyways...pictures included on this event...oh and eeeew at the picture of my long hair...it is sopping wet and just looks stringy and greasy...maybe they will have to donate it to a horror movie.

Anyways...She finished my cut and styled it and Josh liked it...and so that is all that matters...I do like it as well. Not much different than all the other times I had short hair (it sits just right at my chin)...so not uber short and not a drastic change for me. It is my comfort cut and hope one day to venture out and see what other cuts my head looks good with.

After that we got Carter's picture taken with Santa. He gave Santa five, high-five, and pounded it...all without cracking the slightest smile...or any expression for that matter....see picture.

Then we went to trusty 'ol Great Clips and got the boys' hair cut. They looked handsome of course! Carter hated it when she used the electric clippers...but he was okay after that.

Then with us all cleaned and clipped up we headed to Sears for family pictures...ugh...not fun...didn't really like any of them...though 2 of Carter were cute so I ordered some to hopefully send out in January with our Newsletter. I don't ever want to go back to Sears though. We only go there because we got a SmileSavers card there when Carter was born so we don't have to pay any session fees and we get good deals....but the service left much to be desired and we all left irritable and eager to get outta there!

Then my family came up and stayed the night. It is always fun to get together with my siblings and reminisce about our childhood. We have some great stories and we tell them over and over and over again every time we get together! I want to blog about some of those one day so that I can have them written down to remember.

We had our family gift exchange which is always lots of fun. Carter was already asleep when we opened gifts so he got to open his when he woke up the next morning. My mom got him the Fisher Price Spin and Bounce Zebra which he loves and is one of my favorite toys. (and I cannot understand why there isn't a picture of him on it when I uploaded my pics??) Casey and Cody gave him a really fun spinney, lighty wand thing which he loves and so wonderfully turned on for all of us at 4:00 this morning...I was tired but it made me laugh.

Halle Bean got a fun dollhouse from Grandma and a spinney wand too. We gave her "My First Barrel of Monkeys" which everyone seemed to have fun playing with.

My parents gave us a game and an envelope with something very nice indeed tucked inside(Thanks Mom and Dad!) You guys always take care of us! We love you so much!

Nate and Megan gave us a movie basket with a DVD and some treats! Thanks Nate and Meg...you guys are our favorite! We can't wait to come play with you!

Casey and Cody gave us some racquetballs and goggles. Josh and I love to play racquetball and Casey and Cody love to play against us.

We gave my brother Jake a Pooping Reindeer. It poops jelly beans. Perfect for the 14 year old male. And yes he is goofy...just as he looks in the picture. But he is my favorite too!

Then the next day was the BEST! Casey (my sister) got to go through the Temple for the very first time. She chose Idaho Falls Temple...which is great because it is only an hour away from my house. So we all went up there and went through the session with her. It is hard to explain the feelings I had but I just felt so much love being there. When I walked into the room and already saw her sitting in the front row my heart was just full. She is such an amazing girl! I was just so happy that she was there and sitting next to her was my wonderful mom. Then looking around the room I saw my Josh and my Daddy and my big bro, Nate. Of course Cody was there and my Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Tresa and Uncle Curtis, Aunt Amy, and Debbie and Keith Brown, and Jenny (Brown ) Hinckley. Then right next to me was Megan. I just adore Megan and I am so happy she is my sister-in-law! I have so much fun talking and joking with her and playing games and all that good stuff. It was great to be there with her. It was just awesome to have so many people there that mean so much.

(Sensitive Thoughts and Feelings Section...please understand this is sensitive to me and proceed lightly;)

After the session we all started to gather and wait for everyone to make it through. It was just so wonderful to reunite and hug and talk. After a few minutes Josh still was not there so I went and stood by the entry way and waited for him. I was having some major feelings while waiting for him. I looked over at my family and thought to myself how much extreme joy they bring me. How wonderful it was to be there with all of them, but then I also realized that I am not complete without Josh. I had the thought of me being in Heaven and feeling so amazing with reuniting with family and friends...but waiting for Josh to come and meet me and realizing that without him, I am not whole. We need each other. We have made promises that extend beyond the bounds of this Earth. It was never more evident to me than it was at that moment how deeply and intensely I love my husband. I was anxious and my heart was beating fast as I waited for him. When he finally walked in I threw my arms around him and just let him wrap me up and hold me. How thankful I am for that moment. May I keep those feelings with me forever.
We all met in the cafeteria and ate lunch...it was yummy but the conversation was better. I liked being able to visit with family members I see less than often.

Then we headed home to make sure our little rascal hadn't destroyed the house...completely. He was such a good boy for my cousin who watched him...but he sure let us know he was upset with how long we left him. That is okay with me. I can take the venting from him because is means he trust me and loves me!

Everyone left Saturday evening. It was all too short and we wished they would have stayed longer. They bring lots of life and laughter to our house which is way too big for just the three of us, so it really seems empty once they all leave. All is well because we are spending New Year's together so I look forward to that and then we will all be together once again when Casey gets married on January 4th(my birthday:) It will be a great day....just as was this weekend.



Oh Laurita! I love you so much!!! Your part about going to the temple and waiting for Josh gave me tears! How true that is--I take Nick for granted way too much--now I can't wait for him to get home...THANKS! Your tree makes me laugh...I see us doing that next year too! And I WANT TO SEE THE AFTER HAIRCUT LOOK GIRL! That's great you got to donate it. You are such an awesome example to me! You make me laugh, and just by reading your blog, you can tell how much love you have for your family! Merry Christmas Laurita and fam! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

P-S Nick and I do funny voices with one another too---you're not alone! :) I'm glad we're not alone either!! XOXOXO

Annie & Jake said...

Hi, Laura! Great blog entry! I loved reading it! I want to see your new haircut! Happy New Year to you guys!

Ashley said...

I wish that you would have have done an "after" photo of the new do! I am jealous I have been tempted for the last while to chop all my hair off, I just don't know if I have it in my to go through my "ugly stage" of growing it back out!