Raining Petals

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh...right...Show Pictures of Cute Baby

Julie said it to me best..."this picture should be in a magazine for bedding or something"...I would have to agree...although the mismatched pillow cases might give us away as impostors. Really this is just showing that Carter loves to come in in the morning and give us snuggles and then proceed to jump up and down on us and scratch us and pinch us until we get up. Did I ever mention he was born on 06/06/06...yep...so that explains it all.

Okay...so I think this is the cutest face I have ever seen. I know a lot of you have to disagree on principle because you have your own babies...that is okay...I don't understand where you are coming from...but that is okay...haha just kidding! I really am not one of those mom's who only thinks my baby can do special things...really I am not.

Now despite being a little devil he has many good moments. :) His smile and his laugh make my heart melt.

Grandma has the coolest bathtub because he can totally check himself out while bathing. You can tell he totally thinks he is a stud...and let's admit it, he is right.

This is the single best toy purchase I have made thus far. I got it after Christmas on clearance for 30 bucks! I am proud to say the least. He started using it at about 7 months and now at 15 loves it more than ever! It isn't girly! It is very manly to learn how to take care of your responsibilities at home. It is also a hit when his girlfriends come to visit...after seeing him in "his house" they realize he is a boy they could very well take home to mom.

Okay...I should be done for now. I don't want to overwhelm anyone. Too late? Nah. this is just the beginning.


Julianna said...

Ya know how I said knowing the baby makes a difference if you think he/she is cute or not? I think even if I didn't know Carter I would think he is one of the cutest babies ever!!! I only know 2 boys cuter than him! Haha! He is Adorable!

The Van Noys said...

You know 2 babies cuter?!?!? I need names and addresses...hahahaHA

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Yeah you made a blog! I love it! I would love to come and visit and take pictures of Carter for you! I know I wasn't invited but ... I'm coming anyway! Well Laura I can tell you one of the names and addresses. Michael J. AKA Goo...you know the address :)

Donna said...

Hey Laura and Josh,
This is really fun! Carter's a little studmuffin!
Thanks for sharing.
MamaDonna Cox